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Midnight ExpressMidnight Express has established a new business platform with a focal point on process innovation. This innovation combines a modern view of business with innovative applications to achieve the unique capability of supplying data among heterogeneous applications to be integrated together in and across enterprises and businesses. Read the full Article >>>

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Midnight ExpressMidnight Express has taken another step to improve safety, increase performance and achieve cost savings on its fleet by installing revolutionary brake technology from PureForge┬« ┬«.... Read the full Article >>>

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Midnight ExpressMidnight Express was recently recognized from BostonCoach for extraordinary service. This award is based on exceeding the ongoing high standards for BostonCoach service and professionalism. In past years, Mike Emerson was recognized at the yearly BostonCoach affiliate meeting with the award for "Customer Service." Midnight Express is proud of our long standing, 15 year, relationship with BostonCoach, one the worlds largest and highly regarded executive transportation companies.

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Raod Show Recognition

Midnight ExpressMidnight Express was the proud recipient of BostonCoach's 2007 award for Road Show service. Out of hundreds of affiliates Midnight Express was selected for the professionalism, quality and service record handling the most valuable and top priority clients in the BostonCoach network. We've continued to treat all clients this same way.

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Midnight ExpressMidnight Express again for the 2nd year in row is selected for the 2015 Best of Laguna Niguel Award in the Local Passenger Transportation category

While safety is a combination of driver and vehicle, we have taken some additional steps to ensure our vehicles have an extra level of safety and performance. We have fitted with the PureForge Atomic-Forged® automobile braking system..

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